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May 21, 2015

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Skiing Yeti Mountain is a top-down extreme-slalom adventure about the search for cryptozoology's greatest prize. Carve your way through hundreds of levels as you search for the elusive Yeti. Weave through trees, skid over ice, launch off cliffs and get to know a cast of bizarre locals in this top-down extreme slalom adventure.

All handcrafted for your phone to create the ultimate skiing experience.


Skiing Yeti Mountain was born when Featherweight took a week off their previous project with the intention of producing 2 prototypes a day to create a backlog potential ideas. Skiing Yeti Mountain was started on day 2 and they haven't stopped working on it since.


  • Touch controls specifically designed for intuitive & precise carving
  • Hundreds of bite sized slalom tracks to complete
  • A mountain of challenge tracks to master
  • A cast of bizarre characters to meet
  • A Yeti to find?
  • Brought to life by the tranquil sound design of Paul Kopetko


Launch Trailer YouTube

Teaser YouTube


download all screenshots & photos as .zip (386KB)


Awards & Recognition

  • "Finalist - IndiePlus" GDC 2015


  • "A bloody brilliant video game"
    - Peter Willington, AppSpy
  • "Outstanding level design and touch controls! I love the feeling of nailing the flow on each level."
    - Adam Atomic, Finji

Developer Quotes

"A lot of people have commented on how good the touch controls are, though we think the magic is actually in the physics and feedback, the controls themselves are actually very simple. The game originally had a more complicated control scheme involving swipes which didn't work out but in the process of trying to get that right we spent a lot of time tweaking the underlying skiing physics. After watching our testers naturally trying to play with their thumb, we switched the input to a simpler thumb control scheme. The end result is nothing like what we originally had in mind but it all fell into place quickly because the physics themselves were already tight."
- Dylan Bevis

"We never planned on having a big story. At first it was just the tutorial but our early testers were intrigued by the setup and wanted to hear more. We ended up putting a lot of effort into the story and it's nice to put a little bit of yourself into the game. However, we know story isn’t for everyone so we made sure the story was easily skippable for people who just want to ski.

It was inspired by watching shows like Parks and Recreation, Arrested Development and Community and reading conspiracy blogs. You wouldn't believe how much comedy gold you can find by reading the YouTube comments on conspiracy videos."
- Tim Kaldor

"We wanted to make a premium game but it felt much safer to use an ad supported model in the current market. With this in mind we wanted to try and make sure our ad implementation felt like it belonged in our game world. Given the game is a bit of a parody it just felt natural that the ad implementation had a hint of that irreverent tone as well.

In the end Larry the ad guy became one of our favourite characters so we're actually worried that people who pay to remove the ads will be missing out on some of the funnier story moments in the game."
- Dylan Bevis

"Up until May last year, before I started working on games as Featherweight, I was living and working in Nepal. The game was partly inspired by my experiences in the Himalayas. We were just finishing the game when the earthquake struck and I could not think about anything else. My girlfriend’s village was destroyed, her and her family like so many others are now living in makeshift shelters. I want to do whatever I can to help the people of Nepal with the rebuilding effort and encourage others to do the same. That's why we added the earthquake appeal to the game and why I am donating any money that I make from the game to this cause."
- Tim Kaldor

Characters of Yeti Mountain on Twitter
You can follow the characters of yeti mountain from this twitter account twitter.com.

About Featherweight

Indie Games by Tim Kaldor and Dylan Bevis. Based out of Sydney, Australia.

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Skiing Yeti Mountain Credits

Dylan Bevis
Game Design & Development, Featherweight

Tim Kaldor
Game Design & Development, Featherweight

Paul Kopetko
Sound Design, Freelancer

Chris Wing
Character Portraits, Freelancer

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